Kathy's Circle of Friends

Kathy’s Circle of Friends

Primitives by Kathy is proud to support local and national charities and programs through volunteerism, benefit products and sponsorships. We offer our customers and our employees the opportunity to support various programs and causes with the purchase of products and acts of service to the community which directly benefit the affiliated charity.

Giving back has been in Kathy’s heart since the very beginning. The partnership with Goodwill Industries is what made Primitives by Kathy possible and the desire to provide opportunity occupationally to those with disabilities has been a part of who we are ever since.

Fueled by this innate passion for providing opportunities to those with varying abilities – in 2017, Kathy’s Circle of Friends was created. Kathy’s Circle of Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded and run by Primitives by Kathy employees who plan bi-monthly themed social events to adults with disabilities – encouraging socialization, friendship and a sense of community.

Kathy’s Circle of Friends Events

Each event is planned and run by employees who are inspired by the impact and find joy in giving – friendships are formed between the members and with the volunteers.

These events have introduced the members of Kathy’s Circle of Friends to the occupational opportunities at Primitives by Kathy and we’ve welcomed them onto the team in positions where they make impactful contributions to the success of our company each day.

Mardi Gras Party - Kathy's Circle of Friends
Friendship Heart Gallery

Friendship Heart Gallery Partnership

2019 introduces a collaboration with a Lancaster, PA based art gallery Friendship Art Gallery which provides those with special needs the ability to express themselves creatively and offers opportunities for financial independence. We’re proud to support their mission and offer new collaborative items with designs from these talented artists – many of whom are members of Kathy’s Circle of Friends.


Learn more about the beginning of Primitives by Kathy and how Kathy’s Circle of Friends came to life.

Like all great ideas, Kathy’s started with a challenge – trying to find unique products for her paint studio and retail store in Lancaster, PA she owned with her Mother for over 10 years.

Inspired by her desire for unique and creative items to fill her own shelves, Kathy took matters into her own hands, literally. She handmade the first “primitive candle box” in 1997. Crafting the box by hand, taking care into each detail from the sanded edges to the type of ribbon tied on the wire handles, each was a work of passion.

Driven by her innate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit – the product that started it all was born.