Kathy’s Circle of Friends hosts a variety of themed social events for adults with various mental and physical disabilities as well as their family, caregivers, PBK employees, and guests. It is FREE to become a member – simply use our Membership page to join.

We regularly plan exciting events, usually two per month, and the current schedule can be found on the Events page. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see event updates and read what your friends are saying. Check out fun photos from our past events!

Our mission is to encourage socialization, friendship, and a sense of community. This “play” time builds deeper connections between all involved. We are committed to treating each member with dignity and respect, making a positive impact while growing our circle of friends.

Kathy’s Circle of Friends located in Lancaster, PA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Kathy Phillips and supported by Primitives by Kathy employees.

Our events are staffed mostly by PBK employees who share Kathy’s passion of giving back to the community, but we encourage all who are interested to volunteer. Visit our Volunteers page to learn more and sign up.

Every donation, no matter how small, helps to fund the special events and programs we offer the community. Our Donate page offers multiple ways you can help raise money for our Circle of Friends.

Primitives by Kathy is proud to support local and national charities and programs through volunteerism, benefit products, and sponsorships. We offer our customers and our employees the opportunity to support various programs and causes with the purchase of products and acts of service to the community which directly benefit the affiliated charity. We are also proud that 10% of our employees are team members with varied abilities. We are so fortunate to have them and celebrate their involvement in the company daily!

“Be generous, and be authentic. Volunteer your time to a community service function or even just to do a favor for a neighbor or a friend.” – Kathy Phillips


See what our amazing Circle of Friends is all about! Issues are filled with Events, Photos, Bios, Games, & More!

Kathy Phillips - Owner, Primitives by Kathy

About Us

Primitives by Kathy is proud to support local and national charities and programs through volunteerism, benefit products and sponsorships.

KCOF Events

Future KCOF Events

Each event is planned and run by employees who are inspired by the impact and find joy in the friendships formed between the members and  volunteers.

KCOF Event Gallery

Event Gallery

Get an inside look at some of the amazing parties and events we’ve had. Our close circle of friends makes each event special – for all who attend!